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2018 RomAmPro Holiday Party - recap and pictures

Dear Friends,

Thank you for attending our 2018 RomAmPro Holiday Party. We were delighted so many people made the effort to come and help us celebrate. Because of your participation, we raised $1,200 which will help us sustain our children’s school program, professional workshops and future events.

This event would not have been possible without the help of our friends:

  • The Roadrunners - for their wonderful Carols performance

  • Ionut Vacar - for capturing great photos of our event. You can view the pictures here.

  • DJ Smurf and DJ Paul - who kept the guests entertained

  • Alex Bacu - for his help with the venue

Special thanks Ambassador Jinga and other leaders of our community(RACC, RABC, RPSP), for celebrating another great year for our professional community.

We are excited to announce our most recent project to unite the Romanian American professional community via our LinkedIn Group. It is our intention to use the power of the largest business oriented social platform to offer a place for professionals of Romanian heritage in our area, to network, exchange news, business opportunities, employment, education and enrich our professional lives.

RomAmPro’s mission is to support each one of its members and, by extension, the Romanian American community. Please stay in touch via our website or follow us on LinkedIn and on Facebook. We look forward to you becoming active members of our organization.

See you at the next event: Balul Martisorului at The Players Club (March 8th or March 9th)

Happy Holidays!

RomAmPro Team

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