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Sailo Makes a Big Splash in Boat Renting & Sharing Marketplace, the latest, boat rental marketplace, has created one of the largest, online, shared-product sites in the boating-world.

Watercraft-enthusiasts all-over the world can now enjoy the boating lifestyle without the fettering costs of boat ownership.

It is said that, “a boat is a hole in the water in which you pour money,” and with only an average of 26 days of active use per year, and the equivalent of nearly 10% of the boat’s total costs going into annual maintenance, docking fees and storage, a life-on-the-water is a luxury that some simply cannot afford. Sailo works to correct this notion, by connecting the country’s 88 million recreational boaters with boat-owners, chartering companies and captains via their online boat rental marketplace, and providing a unique, customized boating experience. Boaters are given the freedom to not only choose their vessel, and time, but also whether they would like a personal captain, or take to the water behind the helm themselves.

Based in New York and South Florida, Sailo has its finger on the pulse of the boating world. Having over 5,000 active boats in the United States, Caribbean and Europe - Sailo offers one of the largest selection of boats for rent, ranging from 25ft. speedboats, to 150ft. mega yachts. With its ever-expanding presence, both domestically and internationally, Sailo offers clients the ability to charter boats across the globe, with boat-owners spanning from California to New York, Florida and the Caribbean and Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

With the recent boom of boat-sharing sites, Sailo differentiates itself by being committed to the best renter “experience”. It starts with the comprehensive verification of the boats available for rent and personal relationships with the best captains. Having the largest and best maintained supply of boats, Sailo provides their clients with real-time customer service via phone and livechat to help them create a unique on the water experience. Whether it’s fishing in remote spots, partying in the sunset, or simply floating about, Sailo expertly guides and assists at every step.

Whether you are a tourist visiting Miami Beach, a jetsetter exploring the Caribbean, or a local New Yorker who wants to enjoy a nice summer day on the Hudson river, Sailo’s mission is to make boating simple, personal, and easily accessible to everyone. Sailo is continually expanding their boat selection, and recently launched their iOS app to bring themselves and boat renting to the forefront of the mobile world. The app is available to download in App store: For more information on Sailo, and to checkout the wide selection of boats visit

About Sailo: is an online boat rental & sharing marketplace that connects recreational boaters to charter companies, boat owners and licensed captains. Sailo allows users to view and compare boats based on price, location, number of people, type of activities and user reviews. Sailo’s mission is to make boat and yacht rentals simple, personal, and accessible for everyone.

RomAmPro community is very proud to share such a successful business and business owner with the world.

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