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Paste Fericit! Happy Easter!

Are you ready for Easter or Passover Holiday celebrations? Have you been fasting or keeping up with the 48 day lent rules? Do you have a Romanian Orthodox Church or a Temple near you where you can attend the religious festivities? Who are you celebrating with? Do you believe in the Easter Bunny? Did you clean your house for “spring'? Do you participate in or organize Egg Hunts? What is the most important Romanian Easter tradition that you brought with you? What has changed now that you live in the US? What do you love to eat on Easter Sunday? How do you explain your excitement for the Romanian Easter or Passover traditions to your American born kids or to your non-Romanian family members, friends and neighbors?

Whichever way you celebrate, we hope you will enjoy every moment! Traditions are meant to unite the communities, remind us of our values, help us forgive, be grateful and give. Happy Easter or Passover to you, our Romanian American Professional Community, and your families and friends!

We have created a separate article for you with more information on sites and places where you can find traditional Easter Romanian food, pastries and events. We would love to hear from you with answers to the questions above or additional links to useful sites like those via Social Media or via

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