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Building a strong Romanian-American community and empowering young and mid-level professionals on career, cultural, and educational pursuits.

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What We Do
Who We Are

Expansive group of high-caliber professionals from the tri-state area that assists and motivates those within their community to act in the interest of career, cultural, and educational development. 

What We Do

Networking Seminars

Job Posting Board

Showcase Success Stories

Organize formal meetings to allow members of the Romanian-American professional community to benefit from networking:

Access to a broad pool of knowledge and experiences,

Diverse ideas and perspectives,

Bi-directional learning and sharing,

Opportunity to showcase strengths and values,

Connection points for mobility and new opportunities.

Host job posting database based on submissions received from RoAmPro members from their respective companies’ internal posting sites. This list gives members the opportunity to apply for positions which are not promoted outside of the company and provides another outside resource for companies.

Promote current success stories of Romanian/Romanian-American individuals and organizations.

Support Romanian Arts,Culture and Charitable Organizations in NYC


Student Exchange Programs

Promote and support fundraising events for arts/culture/charitable organizations.

Offer coaching/mentoring programs to help RomAmPro members excel in the workplace.

Support and encourage American universities and third parties to establish exchange programs with Romanian universities.

Executive Level Symposium

Organize quarterly meetings and panel discussions with executive level professionals to topics (i.e. 'How to build a successful career', 'Getting the first job' or 'Challenges and opportunities in corporate America for Romanian professionals). Q&A with the audience followed by an evening of networking.

Scholarships, grants and support

Offer scholarship, grants and support programs to reward students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership and contributions to community service. Scholarship recipients also receive exposure and networking opportunities with RomAmPro members.

Why you should join RomAmPro


​Satisfy volunteer requirements for job and internship applications

Guidance on scholarships, university, and career paths


Interact, network, build professional skills and gain access to emerging leaders and senior executives from a broad range of industries

Stay current on latest industry trends

Have access to jobs posted by our members

Realize the satisfaction of seeing your own efforts incorporated into the greater good of our community

Broaden your understanding of other segments of your industry

Become part of a global network of Romanian professional organizations

Business Owners/Entrepreneurs:

Establish business contacts and gain access to a vast network of professionals

Executive and Senior Level:

Shape the future of the Romanian-American professional community

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